3d Modeling Software – Top 7 3D Drawing Software for Computer

3d Modeling Software Top 7: With the development of science and technology, people can completely simulate the image of the outside world in a realistic way through painting in the three-dimensional graphic space. Let us explore the top of the most professional 3D graphic design and simulation software on the market with Uplevo through the following article. You will definitely find a support tool that suits you.

3d Modeling Software Top 7

Previously, architects faced many difficulties when designing drawings, because they only had pen and paper and 2D drawings.

Here is a list of 7 professional 3D architectural design software

1. SketchUp

SketchUp is clearly on the list of 3D design software specifically for architects.

SketchUp is an extremely simple 3D graphics simulation software. Besides the basic features, SketchUp also allows you to install additional extensions to suit your needs.


SketchUp offers two versions: A free version with basic features, and a premium version for $299 . Students can get discounts on software purchases.

2. AutoCAD

AutoCAD itself also offers a variety of options for creative designers, including activities related to architecture and commercial construction.


Notable AutoCAD features:

  • Roombook: This feature not only allows you to see the cross-section of the design, but also calculates the amount of materials needed to build each area of ​​the house.
  • The option to reduce quality when rendering is also available, you don’t need to worry about your machine being able to meet it or not.

 If you are a student, there is a free version just for you.

3. Revit

Revit is a professional 3D graphics software for architects. The goal of this software is very clear: To be a tool for a group of architects and construction engineers to collaborate to complete a complete project.

With intuitive software, every change of project members has an interaction with each other. 

This ensures the safety of the actual building construction, helping the architect control unwanted risk factors.

The price of Revit is  $2,310

4. ArchiCAD

As the name suggests, ArchiCAD is a 3D graphic design and simulation software for designers. As a direct competitor to Revit, ArchiCAD also provides an interactive solution between architects and engineers during project construction.


When rendering the design, the architect also adds a shadow for the interior, creating a “real” feeling when looking at the drawing.

ArchiCAD offers a limited free version. With the full version, the purchase price of the product can be up to $2000/year .

5. TAD (The Architect’s Desktop)

The Architect’s Desktop (aka TAD) is a free 3D graphic design solution. This software is mainly to solve the most primitive architectural problems, before actually embarking on the detailed design of the building. 

TAD 3D Software

However, its biggest plus is: Free. In addition, for architects who tend to only use 3D drawing software to support actual modeling activities, this is still a relatively useful software.

6. FreeCAD Arch

With the function of simulating architectural works in 3D, FreeCAD Arch is enough for any architect. Although it is free software, it still includes a few advantages such as:

  • There is no limitation on the shape and size of simulated building materials (such as walls, floors, …).
  • FreeCAD Arch allows saving the model modification process. You can go back to any of your saves, and modify them to your liking.

You should not expect too much that a free software can render “real” images. However, the rendering process can be lighter and does not take too much time than other paid software.

7. Dynamo

Dynamo is a parametric 3D graphic design software (aligning the dimensions of elements in the design). Dynamo’s greatest strength is that it is free and open source software.

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