How to download free?

To download free files, you just simple login to Okvector by one click to Socail button

How to buy & payment?

To buy & payment single files, please lick Paypal Checkout or Dibit or Credit Card (both of payment are payment by Paypal)

What should I do if the files I downloaded are incorrect?

If the files you downloaded do not match the ones you bought or were given for free, please unzip it and take a screenshot of the files you unzipped and send that screenshot to [email protected] .com

How to download file I bought?

As soon as you have successfully paid, you simply reload the Order Receipt page and the download links are shown to you. Now you just need to click on the link to download the files you have purchased.

Will I get my money back, if the files I purchased are not what I envisioned?

I am very sorry to say no. You cannot get a refund for digital products.

To give you the right idea, download the free files available on okvector.com

How many days does it take to download my purchased files?

The right to download the files you have purchased is maintained for 365 days and 10 downloads

Don’t see your problem. Create a Support Ticket (for customers only)

If you have other questions, please email me okvectoe[email protected]

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