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What is Diamond Painting – Stick Art – Pixel Hobby?

Diamond painting is a especially new approach for creating beautiful finished paintings, based totally upon using plastic beads or crystals instead of stitched crosses. However the method owes a terrific deal to counted move sew, to the quantity that even the coloration ranges of the available beads resemble those of popular DMC silk sunglasses. In pass stitch charts, you (generally) work from a symbolic chart, and stitch a cross of a suitable shade onto an excellent weave cloth. You attract shade, perhaps print in symbols-on-colour, and in the end stitch pass via go onto cloth.

Diamond Painting (and near cousin ‘PixelHobby’) are faster to paintings, as they handiest require you to pick out a diamond (or pixel) of the proper shade, and region it in an appropriate spot on an adhesive floor.
The floor you apply to , varies by means of dealer. Some providers print the chart in shade onto self-adhesive plastic backing. Some print onto adhesive cloth. And some provide revealed charts identical to cross sew charts, leaving you to use the diamonds to a substrate of your very own choosing.

Make them your own or trade them

Size: Because the diamonds/beads/pixels are plastic, the size is fixed. They are designed to fit the size of counted move sew or tapestry labored at 1/10inch. So when you begin a new chart, pick out 1/10inch as the stitched-in keeping with-inch length – this may inform you onscreen how massive your finished work will be.

It is important to recognize that the dimensions ONSCREEN bears no relation to the dimensions of the symbols you print.
(Cross stitch charts are frequently revealed larger than the completed stitching, due to the fact that makes the symbols easier to study)
A sheet of A4 paper can keep round 70 x 90 squares of one/10 inch. A chart which is greater than that either wishes to apply numerous sheets of paper, or be printed on larger inventory such as A3 Assuming you want to paintings with a unmarried sheet of A4 paper, start a new chart that’s 70 x 90 or smaller. You can draw a layout with the aid of hand, or you may import a photo. Whichever method you operate, work with DMC Silks shades (For PixelHobby paintings, there is a fixed of colours known as ‘PixelHobby’ rather)

Import or layout your photograph. And you could view that on display to peer how it would appearance when completed.


If you want to create a published chart and glue the crystals to a separate sheet of cloth or plastic, then you can without a doubt print ‘as though it became a move sew chart’ and work from that visually, image by means of image, but you want to make sure the dimensions is accurate.
So on the Print display, you need to set the rectangular length to be 1/10 (zero.100) of an inch or a touch larger. When the dimensions is near 1/10 inch, the print dialog will display @ 1/10in like this:

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