159 3D Models Religion 3D, crossroads 3D, final party model, cross 3D


Number of 3D models: 159
Size: 16.8 GB
Format: STL

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Religion 3D models, 14 crossroads 3D model, final party model, cross 3D file STL format, design for CNC machines, CNC routers, CNC sculpting machines, CNC cutting machines and 3D printers can to applied to any CNC program such as Artcam, Aspire, Cut3d, etc.

What’s inside 159 Catholic Religion 3D models?
Reliefs 14 crossroads 3D model, god mother, saint Joseph, cross, god, god gieessu on the cross 3d model, picture frame, final party and many more 3d sculpting themes

Application for:
Decorate church wall, worship area, church door sculpture, religious girder, chapel decoration, saint picture frame, statue sculpture, saint sculpture

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