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100+ Moldings – Planks 3D model for CNC rounter, 3D printing


Number of 3D models: 100+
Size:  8.5 GB
Format: STL

After successful payment, you will download them instant directly at www.okvector.com. The download link also auto sent to your purchase email.The files you have purchased will be stored for 365 days, so you can download them anytime

A hundred+ Moldings – Planks 3-D version for CNC rounter, 3D printing, CNC sculpting machines, CNC cutting machines and 3-d printers can to implemented to any CNC application along with Artcam, Aspire, Cut3d, etc.

100+ Moldings – Planks three-D version for CNC rounter, 3-D printing covered the objects
Moldings – Planks 3-D version

What are those 3-D designs for?:
Wood CNC sculpture, metal CNC sculpture, die casting, 3-D printing

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