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460 3D models Mixes many themes of relief, statues and furniture, and more – 19 GB


Number of 3D models: 460
Size: 19 GB
Format: STL

After successful payment, you will download them instant directly at www.okvector.com. The download link also auto sent to your purchase email.The files you have purchased will be stored for 365 days, so you can download them anytime

460 3D models Mixes many themes of relief, statues and furniture, and more – 19 GB 3D file STL format, design for CNC machines, CNC routers, CNC sculpting machines, CNC cutting machines and 3D printers can to applied to any CNC program such as Artcam, Aspire, Cut3d, etc.

What’s inside 19 GB 3D models Mixes many themes?
Lion relief, horse, fish, cowboy, lighthouse, staircase, saint Joseph, picture frame, horse head relief, maiden statue, boat, clock, angel, decorative partition, picture religion, final party painting, St. Joseph’s family painting, vintage wooden box, statue of liberty, dragon relief, decorative patterns, castle gate, chair, chair legs, chairrest, entrance desk, ..

Application for:
House decoration, fence wall, gate decoration, statue production, 3D statue printing, furniture manufacturing, 3D printing, CNC sculpture, craft sculpture, ..

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